72U Now Accepting Applications

Ad schools startups are popping up all over the map today. It’s like a meme, or something. John Boiler, a founder and president of 72 and Sunny says, “It’s a reaction to an urgent need.” According to The New York Times, 72 and Sunny plans to start an internal communications school, 72U, which will offer […]

TedxUOregon Offers Advanced Theories And Practices In Advertising And Journalism

This is a guest post from AdPulp Contributor, Charlie Quirk. PORTLAND–A mixed bag of ad industry professionals, educators and students eager to glean nuggets of wisdom from an equally eclectic bag of presenters gathered last Friday for TedxUOregon, held at the University’s Turnbull Center in Portland’s Old Town district. With his luminous silver mane glistening […]

Trump Has An Apprentice Program, What About You?

Camille Paglia’s writing is a pleasure to read. Her latest contribution to The Chronicle of Higher Education chops academia off at the knee. Jobs, and the preparation of students for them, should be front and center in the thinking of educators. The idea that college is a contemplative realm of humanistic inquiry, removed from vulgar […]

Like Agencies, Ad Schools Compete For Talent

In a reminder that ad schools sometime compete for instructors as well as students, Eddie Snyder has joined Atlanta’s Creative Circus as Senior Advisor of Advertising Studies. Snyder says, “I love teaching. After all, It’s what a good creative director does: you teach, nurture, elevate work and inspire. The Creative Circus is the perfect environment […]

Drop And Give Me 20…Concepts, That Is

I suppose that even if you live and go to school in New York City, the world of advertising can seem like another world if you don’t know anyone in it. To fix that, the One Club is holding its first “Creative Boot Camp” this week, open to students who attend one of the City […]

We Don’t Need No Advertising Education

A few months ago, I incurred the wrath of some advertising professors who took exception to my Talent Zoo column about advertising education. One university department head sent me a snarky note at 11:00 at night and called me “vapid,” while another professor dug up my resume in an attempt to play “gotcha” with my […]

I Like To See An Ad School Advertise

Do potential ad school students check the “Media & Advertising” stories in The Times? Miami Ad School believes they do. Take a look at the school’s media buy (which didn’t come cheap): Note how the use of hot pink in these banners makes the ads unavoidable. I wonder if that’s what they teach, 100 Ways […]

Thanks To Some People From Miami, Boulder’s Creative Rep Continues To Develop At Rapid Pace

For the past 20 or so years, advertising finishing schools like Portfolio Center, Miami Ad School and Creative Circus have served as a primary route to a better portfolio and job offer at a top firm. Then came VCU and its Masters program, offering something the others do not, namely a Masters degree from an […]