Without A Career In Advertising, Life Can Be Dull

Even on its worst days, working in an ad agency is still quite fun compared to the dreariness of regular corporate America. That’s the point of this promo website and video for The Creative Circus featuring a fictional company called B.E.I.G.E. B.E.I.G.E. Recruitment Video from B.E.I.G.E. on Vimeo. Folks looking to avoid a career in […]

The Miami Ad School Goes Pro With NYC Workshops And Seminars

I’ve written about it a couple of times before: It’s incredibly difficult to be a busy working professional in advertising and marketing while learning new skills or keeping up with technology and trends. So if going back to school full-time isn’t feasible, what options are there besides the costly Hyper Island Master Class? Enter Miami […]

Teaching The Basics Of Advertising Isn’t So Basic Anymore

A little confessional today: So I’m teaching a five-week “Intro to Ad Copywriting” class at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. It’s only a five-session course, part of a “Summer Boot Camp” for the business. It’s not much time. So we’re starting with the basics: Headline writing, concepting, making persuasive arguments. We’ll move into visual thinking, […]

You’re Only As Great As Your Last Big Invention

“If you just hire people with ads on the resume they’ll probably make you more ads.” -Robbie Whiting It’s not enough to just make ads today, ad people need to let their inner inventor out to play. That’s the message unleashed by Robbie Whiting, director of creative tech and production at Duncan/Channon, last Friday in […]

Creative Recharge Is Your Jolt Of Bizarro For the Day

Courtesy of a few Creative Circus students comes Creative Recharge, a site designed for industry folks to get the creative juices flowing when they’re stuck. It’s part self-promotion, part improv, and all just weirdness for fun’s sake. Hey, we all get a little drained sometimes, right? Not sure about the guys on the site, but […]

Jancy To The Rescue

‘Jancy’ is Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, co-founders of Swim, a creative leadership training lab for advertising creatives and marketers. Here they are describing the need in Fast Company: Agencies are losing status as go-to thought leaders because frankly, leadership is in short supply. Clients are parceling out their projects to consultants and ‘specialists.’ The […]

Can Swim Fill The Ad Industry’s Training Gap?

There are plenty of ad schools, internships and other resources available to students looking to get some training and experience in advertising and marketing. The further along you get in your career, though, the less there seems to be unless you pursue and MBA program or seek out traditional venues for presentation training or software […]

Luke Sullivan, Now Savannah-bound

Being in Atlanta, where Savannah College of Art and Design has a growing presence, I get a sense they’re all about making big moves. Well here’s another one: Starting in the fall, Luke Sullivan becomes chair of its Advertising department. From the press release: As department chair, Sullivan will be responsible for guiding the faculty, […]