Josh Spear, 23, Was Born Digital

If you’ve been wondering who Josh Spear is and how he went from a college drop out to a jet setting trend analyst and brand consultant with a hugely popular online presence, this video of his talk at Zeitgeist Europe 2007 will help. Spear’s talk is 18 minutes long. If you don’t have that kind […]

It Takes A Village (of Bankers)

Lewis Lazare looks today at the departure of another creative department mucky muck from DDB/Chicago. Normally, I would hesitate to bring this “news” to your attention, but Lazare dangles the compensation carrot—something I find impossible to resist. As recently as last winter, (Senior Vice President and Director of Content Production, David) Rolfe threatened to leave […]

TV-Centric Creatives Get A Little Cranky

On May 25th, Brand Republic claimed, “the digital world really made its mark at last night’s D&AD ceremony.” But DDB London creative Rob Messeter ain’t buyin’ it. In a guest post on Scamp he says: I know it’s the future and everything, and everyone seems to be wetting themselves with excitement over it (particularly marketing […]

“Transparency Is Not A Strategy”

In her latest Hog Blog post Sally Hogshead explains the value of anarchy and reminds us the “The Declaration of Independence” was once considered an anarchist document. As much as I love where she’s going with her “Anarchy Now!” call to action, what I really like is her paragraph on transparency. Companies are coming to […]

The Courage To Act

The Wall Street Journal wants to sell its Weekend Edition. Their creative leaders campaign is intended to do just that. Here’s their pitch: Even in an industry full of radical thinking there are standouts—individuals whose ideas consistently break new ground, no matter how quickly circumstances shift. These pioneeers realize that even as the work week […]

Timmerman’s Place And Time

According to Adweek, Red Tettemer, a Philadelphia-based independent, is launching a unit led by creative media strategist Rachel Timmerman, formerly of MDC’s Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami. The division blends account planning and creative development and is designed to leverage campaign ideas across the breadth of today’s emerging media landscape. “We think Rachel can […]

Julie Roehm Throws Some Gasoline On A Smoldering Fire

In politics, they call it the “Friday night news dump”: Release a bunch of documents and news late on a Friday afternoon so no one really notices because, hey, it’s the weekend and no one’s paying close attention. So what happened this afternoon, right at the start of a 3-day weekend? Ousted senior vice-president of […]

Slick Slides

Ogilvy’s Rohit Bhargava received an honorable mention in Slide Share’s World’s Best Presentation Contest for his blogging types treatise. Why one might need to know this type of arcane material is beside the point. I’m looking at the design of the presentation, and it is elegant for Power Point.