Campbell Ewald Lets Falcon Meme Fly

“The falcon cannot hear the falconer.” Regardless, Campbell Ewald of Warren, Michigan can see two adult peregrine falcons on its roof, and thanks to a live webcam installed by a raptor curious staffer, so can you.


The falcons are about to give birth to baby falcons. In an effort to capture this birthing event in real time, the agency has created #CEFALCONS, a campaign dedicated to this act of nature.

One social media aspect of the campaign that I particularly appreciate is the use of

Meme Generator is a conveyor belt for silly memes, also known as highly contagious digital content. You find an image you like, one that conveys an emotion for instance, and then you write your own headline for it. If it’s any good, or perhaps if it just bad enough to be considered good, you might have a chance in hell of seeing it spread across the Inters.

Back to the falcons on top of Campbell Ewald’s roof. It makes me think agencies could benefit from a mascot. Seriously, would you rather think of Campbell Ewald as Campbell Ewald or as The Falcons?



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