Brief Buddy – An iOS app for cracking the creative brief.

The folks behind Brief Buddy kindly provided me a promo copy of their iOS app (which runs on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

Brief BuddyFirst off, this app will not help you write the creative brief. But as a tool for creative professionals gives you a handy platform for referencing the 20 most common tactics to get to the bottom of *cracking* the creative brief along with examples of previous, public usage. Tactics from Attacking the Competition, to Emotional Appeal to Demographic Targeting and Sex Sells.

As an old-hat in the ad biz, I freely admit to being a creature of habit, and often attacking problems with a tried and true toolset. This app is a nice reminder that there are other methods, and at the least, helps to point you down the path of thinking outside your comfort zone.

The app also includes Tips from the Pros, full of snippets from Ad pros around the world, and a mechanism for others to submit additional tips. I look forward to seeing this section grow.

Not a bad little app for $2.99 and also available for in the Android Marketplace as well.

BriefBuddy (iTunes Link)
BriefBuddy (Android)



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