Big Spaceship Wants To Beam Up More Credit

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know much about the HBO “Voyeur” thing that won a lot of Lions last week. Seems that it involved a lot of production in all kinds of media. But apparently, an agency that worked with BBDO to produce the idea thinks it deserves more credit. From Ad Age:

In an interview, Michael Lebowitz, co-founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, one of the shops instrumental in executing “Voyeur,” criticized both BBDO and the awards system for not giving due credit to his firm for its role in a campaign that crossed from outdoor to digital to film. The campaign picked UP a number of awards at festivals this year, and in Cannes it earned two Grand Prix trophies in the outdoor and promotion categories, five Golds, a Silver and a Bronze in media, cyber, design promotion and film, with the bulk of the credit attributed to BBDO, New York.
In an e-mailed statement, [BBDO CCO David] Mr. Lubars said his agency, as “the source of the idea,” deserves the credit it received.
“Ideas are timeless,” the statement read. “Ideas are what inspire people. Ideas are the root of all execution. On ‘Voyeur,’ BBDO thought of the idea, shot the idea, then brought in Big Spaceship to do what they do. They did a great job (and we’ve made every effort to acknowledge them). What’s the issue? Maybe Cannes should consider the idea of a Palme d’Or for digital production.”

Many shops, particularly interactive ones, partner up with big agencies to execute ideas. So is there a proper way for everyone to get credit? Because it’s all about recognition, it seems. And as new media ideas get more complicated, more agencies will touch them.



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