Bad Ass Coffee Receives Lukewarm Reception In Small Town Illinois

The Bad Ass Coffee Company, a purveyor of fine Kona coffees, is about to open a new store in Antioch, IL–a small town north of Chicago. But some residents of Antioch are none too pleased.
Long-time Antioch resident Marion Rush said “I just can’t see going up and saying, ‘Can I have a Bad Ass mocha please,'” resident Rush said. “I just don’t understand it. How do I tell my children that it is inappropriate to use this type of language, but it is acceptable to use it for a store name,” she added.
Harold Hill, chief operating officer and secretary for The Bad Ass Coffee Company, said this isn’t the first time people have spoken up about the company’s name.
“We don’t consider them to be complaints. We consider them to be misunderstandings,” Hill said. “It’s about a donkey,” he said. “The word ‘ass’ is in the dictionary and it refers to a donkey. And it’s in the Bible.”
Thanks to Jim Romenesko for bringing this story to our attention.



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