Automated Creativity Is Coming But Its Success Won’t Be Automatic

A while back, I wrote about the automated Fantasy Football recap articles I’d been getting this year.

It got me thinking. With so much space to be filled (see David’s post from earlier this morning), is it worth it for brands to get humans to do this work?

If the data can be analyzed and used to create realistic writing, we could see a lot more automated creativity:

Just imagine a friendly-sounding paragraph or letter that skillfully weaves your recent purchases, check-ins or searches into a product or service recommendation. The result could be frighteningly charming and effective.

The reality is that brands of all sizes are trying to establish some sort of one-to-one dialogue with customers. And there are so many media outlets to attempt it in. So with such a wide trough to be filled, it’s simply not worth paying someone to write or design any of this when the audience is one person.

It’s the subject of my my new column on Talent Zoo. Which was written by me, not a computer.



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