If Microsoft Packaged The iPod

This meme has been floating around for a while, but since it is rather Mac-centric many of our audience may not have seen it. It is a parody of the iPod packaging if Microsoft were to have sold the iPod. Very humorous, especially if you have a client or two that may dip into the […]

MLB Strong Arms Subscribers Of MLB.TV

Major League Baseball launched MLB.TV last year as the first major sport to make a push into live webcasts of their games last season for the low price of 14.95/month for access to over 300 games. The quality was adequate over a broadband connection unless one was trying to watch the Yankees broadcasts, in which […]

State of the ‘Blogosphere’

Technorati’s CEO, David Sifry just release his latest State of the Blogosphere Report Among the highlights: Technorati now tracks over 27.2 Million blogs The blogosphere is doubling in size every 5 and a half months It is now over 60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago On average, a new weblog is created […]

Apple Bites Again

Indie band, The Postal Service, posted a note on their site yesterday commenting on the apparent shot-by-shot recreation of their video “Such Great Heights” in Apple’s new ad announcing their Intel processors. It has recently come to our attention that Apple Computers’ new television commercial for the Intel chip features a shot-for-shot recreation of our […]

Breaking Creative: Choir for Honda

Courtesy of wieden + kennedy london, a preview of their new spot, Choir, for Honda. Click to View And, Bonus Coverage via video podcast (iTunes Link). On Friday 13th January, Honda launches its latest TV commercial “Choir” – a 120” live action spot to launch the new Honda Civic produced by Wieden + Kennedy London. […]

RSS for Marketers

Yahoo!, one of the key providers of mass-market RSS aggregators, finally took a step forward and published their RSS whitepaper, covering their own findings with RSS, based on their usage data. a) Awareness of RSS is quite low among Internet users. 12% of users are aware of RSS, and 4% have knowingly used RSS. b) […]

Out Googling Google (Yahoo to offer Movable Type)

Yahoo announced on Sunday that will partner with Movable Type to offer a custom blogging solution for small business. Yahoo will effectively act as the preferred provider of Movable Type for small business users, taking advantage of its scale and efficiency, Anil Dash, vice president of professional products for San Francisco-based Six Apart, said in […]

Starbucks Defies Laws Of Physics To Sell More Coffee

AdPulpian, Thomas Hawk, point us to this experiential marketing stunt by Starbucks in San Francisco. “Today as I was crossing the Embarcadero I noticed that this gentleman had left his coffee on the roof of his car. Midway through the cross walk I turned and pointed at him and he just waved at me. I […]