Yahoo Publically Releases Employee Personal Blogging Guidelines

Yahoo recently released their guidelines for personal blogging by their employees. Surprisingly, they are very clear, concise, forward thinking, and helpful. The document is broken into two sections, Legal Parameters and Best Practice Guidelines, and is mostly common sense. The basic premise is to be intelligent about your posts, be mindful of your legal obligations […]

Technology Tuesday

We are looking to do an informal poll for our first Technology Tuesday column, mainly to gauge the level of usage of a couple key web-technologies. 1. Is your firm utilizing Blogs, either internal or external? And if you are an agency, are your clients utilizing Blogs? 2. Is your firm or your clients using […]

OnStar’s Radio Spots

First, I don’t listen to much radio these days – a fortunate side effect of a 7 minute commute – but it seems that nearly every single day I manage to be in the car at the right time to hear an OnStar spot. These are the spots using the original audio (or perhaps recreated?) […]

Marketers Take a Shine to Blogs

From CNN: Four journalists who brought news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy into U.S. living rooms in 1963 have found a new level of fame by using the Internet to market their book about the experience. They are among a growing group of people exploring the potential of blogs, or Web logs, […]

Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

Wired brings more info to the table about Project Apollo Marketers are testing new techniques to measure whether advertisers’ messages are getting across, and they are prepared to spend vast sums and deploy astonishingly complex technologies to do so. To measure the impact of ad campaigns, VNU, the parent company of television-audience measurement firm Nielsen […]

The Buzz Awards reader Adam G. pointed out a new awards show brought to you by Adweek Magazines (and Promax/BDA), The Buzz Awards. “When a branded entertainment effort marries medium and message to create that kind of resonance in the marketplace, it deserves special recognition. That


“Ad skipping and on demand viewing could cost the TV industry $27 billion in lost ad revenue over the next five years, according to new research released today by Accenture.” Looks like bad news on the horizon for the networks. I purchased a DVR unit less than 6 months ago and found it surprising just […]

Podcasting Goes Mainstream

Blogger co-founder (and Nebraska native) Ev Williams (Blog) is now going after the podcasting market with Odeo, a new venture with Noah Glass (co-founder of ListenLab). The New York Times kicks off with For a Start-Up, Visions of Profit in Podcasting (free registration required). While still too much in its infancy to be considered an […]