Austin Talk

Courtesy of Flickr user, “timoni”.
Rex Hammock transcribed the SXSW panel keynote conversation between blogging luminaries Heather Armstrong and Jason Kottke. Here’s part of what they said about ad support vs. a subscription model for their respective media properties.

Kottke: I wanted the support to come from the readers. I also don’t like advertising that much. I didn’t want to see bad advertising on my site. Or to bring a third party onto my site.
Heather: When I first implemented Google ads, there was an outcry. The whole way through, we were thinking about a subscription model. I never got to a point where I considered it seriously. I didn’t want people to feel like they own me.
Kottke: You’re a lot smarter than I am because that’s what happened.
Heather: There’s already so much hate mail, i diddn’t want to put more flame into the fire.

To hear the talk verbatim, check out the podcast.

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