Austin Agency Has Some Advice For Visiting 4A’s Member

With the 4A’s Transformation conference currently in Austin, local agency EnviroMedia Social Marketing has a few words for the visitors in regards to the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides, which is currently under review.

While EnviroMedia is not a member of the 4A’s, we have been members of AAF throughout our agency’s 14-year history and have long been involved in the activities of the Austin Advertising Federation. The AAF says it’s the “Unifying Voice of Advertising,” but when it comes to resisting a much-needed update of the Green Guides (which are merely just that – guides, not law), the AAF certainly does not speak for our agency.

As owners of a mid-size ad agency, we pledge to tell consumers the truth about the environmental and health benefits of every product and service we advertise.

If you haven’t seen this week’s issue of Advertising Age, check it out, because the issue’s focus is all about regulation — an issue that the industry doesn’t always have a unified opinion about.



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