Art Directors Club Call For Entries Takes On Armageddon

I’ll admit I didn’t study the Art Directors Club call for entries poster when it came in the mail a couple of weeks ago:
It’s intended to be the “Final Call For Entries.” But over at Little Green Footballs, a right-leaning political blog, the poster was interpreted like this:

It’s an impressive panoply of moonbat leftist self-loathing, a desolate nuclear wasteland populated by Republican political leaders holding hands with the Devil (lower left), Christians throttling Muslims (lower left corner and center), a priest shoving a lollipop into a little boy’s mouth, gas-guzzling Humvees crushing people, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and a lone polar bear, marooned on an ice floe in a tsunami.

To see the poster larger, click here. It was illustrated by Norbert H. Kox, who apparently does a lot of apocolyptic artwork.
Anyone want to chime in on what the poster means to you?



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