Apple/U2 Extend Marketing Relationship

Apple, which enjoys an 80%+ share of the digital player market, today announced the next stage in their co-marketing relationship with uber-band, U2, the iPod U2 Special Edition.
Just a couple of short years ago Moby was criticized and branded a sell-out for licensing the commercial rights to the individual tracks on his album Play, a move that was designed to maximize the exposure of an album that pretty much ignored by radio and MTV. Today, whether right or wrong, it has become the norm in popular music.
U2, the rock band of the last 25 years, has continually managed to reinvent and redefine their music enough to appeal to the hardcore fan, yet still manage to attract new fans with every release. U2, and especially front man Bono, are masters of the music marketing game. Apple has long been the ‘luxury brand’ of the computer world and the iPod is the gold standard for digital music, or as Apple likes to say, “The digital lifestyle.” Together, the two are making more waves in markets they already dominate.



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