Apple to Break “Exciting” TV Ads Next Week

According to Steve Jobs at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting this morning, Apple will be launching an “exciting” round of TV ads starting next week.
On the heels of the switch to Intel Processors, the new Mac Book Pro (and last week’s 17″ Mac Book Pro), and the beta software release of BootCamp – which allows Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP in addition to the Mac OS – Job’s announcement could signal a major shift in Apple’s branding efforts to expand upon the iPod halo effect and step up the campaign to gain marketshare from the Windows world.
Any of our TBWA/Chiat-Day readers care to share any previews 🙂
On a related note, AdPulp staffers could use a couple new Mac Book Pros if any potential advertisers would be interested in a trade-out opportunity (contact:



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