Another Powerful Woman In The News

According to The New York Times, Yahoo is looking to a strong woman to resurrect the company in its time of need.

On Tuesday, in an attempt to compete better with faster-moving rivals, the company announced a restructuring of its operations into three business units. As part of the reshuffling, Terry S. Semel, the company’s chairman and chief executive, tapped Susan L. Decker, 44, to run the unit that arguably faces the biggest challenge: reducing Google’s lead in Internet advertising.
“It would be difficult to find a job for which she is not intellectually capable,” said Geoff Ralston, Yahoo’s former chief product officer, who left the company in April. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of challenges for her. But she is one of the clearest- thinking minds at Yahoo.”
Rob Solomon, a former senior vice president at Yahoo who is now chief executive of SideStep, a travel-oriented search business, added: “I was always in awe of her brilliancy. Any time I interacted with her, she didn’t need much explanation. She understood things quickly, and then she would start tearing through the numbers and seeing where the opportunities and the risks were.”

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