All Cooks On Deck

Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary just got bigger. Joining Bart Cleveland, are Noelle Weaver and Marc Brownstein.
Marc Brownstein, president of The Brownstein Group in Philadelphia explores the need for convergence in agency creative departments:

How do we align the interactive creatives with the traditional (advertising) creatives, to collaborate on our clients’ work? It’s a challenge. In my experience, traditional art directors and copywriters allow ideas to bake. But in our digital group, they microwave ideas. And neither group wants to sacrifice quality. Despite that, the traditional group has a bit of an attitude about the digital group. And, yet, our digital talent are every bit as good as the ad teams. And it shows in their work. The trick is to get both teams playing nicely together in the sandbox.

If I had an agency with my name on it, and some creatives with strong print or TV backgrounds scoffed at an interactive project, I’d make sure the cleaning crew thoroughly scrubbed their former cubes for even the slightest traces of attitude.



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