Ad Blogs Get An Examination From The NYT

In the wake of Paul Tilley’s suicide, advertising industry blogs are getting a closer look, including some quotes from George Parker.
From today’s New York Times:

After Mr. Tilley’s death was reported, the comments beneath the AgencySpy blog posting turned sharply to recriminations from people identifying themselves as friends, colleagues or relatives of the DDB executive. “You should all be ashamed. Because you contributed to this,” a message from someone who signed as LSA said.
A similar post on AdScam said: “I knew him. And I know that the vile attacks inflicted on him by you and others tortured his soul. He told me so.”
Advertising blogs have a reputation, even among bloggers, of being particularly wounding — in part, Mr. Parker said, because of conditions in the business.
“They do tend to be a little more acidic than general informational blogs,” Mr. Parker, a former ad executive who now works as a consultant, said. Since many agencies are now part of publicly held companies, he continued, employees are under increasing pressure to show short-term results, where in the past they might sometimes have had more than a year or two to build a successful campaign.
Asked if posters on ad blogs sought to gain competitive advantage by disparaging rivals, he replied: “It’s more than possible. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.”

It’s worth noting that the NYT article also has a section for open and anonymous commenting.



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