A Scalp-Tingling Win For Upshot ECD

Lewis Lazare reports on Brock Montgomery’s new fashion statement. Although, he calls him Bruce, for some reason.

Bruce Montgomery, executive vice president of creative for Upshot/Chicago, must like making dramatic bets. When the agency started pitching the Miller Brewing Co. promotions business last fall, he promised his staff he’d have his head shaved in front of them all if they were victorious.
Upshot wound up with a piece of the Miller business, and Montgomery’s sporting a new look. Sandra Paladino of Spa Di La Fronza gave the Upshot creative leader his new ‘do during the agency’s first Miller happy hour earlier this month. She started by giving Montgomery a mullet, before turning that into an Alfalfa cut and finally going for the completely shaved head look.
“I haven’t had this little hair since I was born,” Montgomery said.

What Lazare fails to mention, is Montgomery’s longhaired identity. Shaving one’s head is one thing, shaving the head of a hippie is another (more dramatic and satisfying act).



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