A Rainy Night In Georgia With Humongo Nation

They had to slog through some nasty summer Southern thunderstorms, but they finally got into the ATL and I was privileged to meet up with Matt, Kristien, Darryl, Renato and RJ from Humongo Nation 2010.
Humongo Nation is a project of Humongo, formerly known as Plaid. This marks the 4th year they’ve loaded up a van and done a 2-week stretch through a slice of America. This year, it’s a Portland, Maine-Miami route, where they’re seeing marketing folks, agency folks, and other good peeps along the way.
Darryl told me that publicity from the tour has helped his agency gain a higher profile, leading to some new clients and an acquisition by Source Marketing, an MDC company. So it’s both business and fun, with a large dose of connectivity. You can follow them on Twitter and check out their tour website to see videos, read their tour (and food) blogs, and see what it’s all about. It sure beats most agencies’ self-promotion efforts.



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