6 Alternative Ways to Put Your Brand in the Hands of Customers

Companies rarely go the extra mile to include small items as a bonus gift with their orders because they see it as an additional expense that takes away from the profit margin but, on the contrary, it can be just as effective spending money on these items as it would if you were to diverge that money toward promotion and marketing.

There is always extra room in the box to include a few fun items that will reinforce your brand (besides the product); the following are six different attention grabbing items that will add an extra layer of branding for each product you ship.

1. Stickers

A beautifully designed, unique sticker can become a great addition to the shipping because it gives the recipient a fun little way to show their love for your brand on any surface they decide to have it placed.

Just take a look at Apple and their inclusion of stickers; you can find them all over the place including cars and even on Windows PC’s, ironically.

Stickers are inexpensive to order which makes them a nice addition, for your business, to throw in with the box.

2. Pens

Customized pens are another branding option that can really make an impact for your business.

Just think about the fact that anyone in an office, school environment, or around the home will need a writing utensil at one point of the day; now imagine that every time they reached for the pen it had your brand name on it.

Pens would go perfect if you include documentation with your products especially when customers need to take notes during usage, for example. Look around your desk and see how many branded pens you possess – now imagine it was the desk of your customers.

3. Lanyards

What do you have in your pockets?

Keys, of course.

Lanyards help to prevent losing keys because it’s difficult to miss a foot long attachment; they also work really well for those constantly using their keys which allows them to keep them around their neck so they never forget.

Other uses for lanyards could be holding USB sticks, badges, or holding tools.

Add in some value for your customers by including a branded lanyard with your higher-end orders and you’ll get customers having your name around their neck throughout the work day – that should keep your business on their mind, that’s for sure!

4. Mouse Pads

Computers are everywhere and despite a growing market for tablets and smartphones the desktop computer will remain a staple in businesses and at home; with it, as you can already guess, is an opportunity to keep your brand front-and-center … mouse pads.

Companies dealing in technology can leverage their choice in industry to promote their brand by including customized mouse pads with orders. There is a likely chance that an individual will switch out an old, used pad for the one you’ve included which provides a constant reminder whenever they sit down for work or entertainment.

Include the logo, byline, and URL on the pad and you won’t need to worry if they forget your business next time they’re in the market for what you have to offer because you’re leveraging persistent branding.

5. Coffee Mugs

Caffeine and work are symbiotic for much of the work force and the go-to piece of equipment is the coffee mug (unless someone swiped it for the day in which there will be plenty of yelling around the office).

Including coffee mugs may come at a higher price but what better way to keep your brand around a business than having it sit right next to where people work?

Even if the customer has no need for the mug it will eventually make its way to an individual elsewhere in the office or around the house else if it reaches a thrift store you still benefit from it having a use some time or another.

6. Flash Drives

Everyone loves additional storage for their files and media especially if they can take it with them which is why a branded USB drive would fit right in with just about any business.

You could even go the extra mile and load the USB drive with product documentation, a thank you letter, pictures from the office of all those involved, or even a coupon for the next purchase.

You could even use it for guerilla marketing strategies, too, by dropping them off in popular locations and wait for them to be found, plugged in, and begin sharing your marketing message.

USB drives are getting cheaper and cheaper. Throw on your logo and URL and your brand will find its way all over the place.

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