3 Ways to Inject Relatively Unused, Engaging Social Elements into Your Social Media Marketing

Social media comprises of a host of multi-media layers but many businesses and their marketing campaigns are stuck in a one-dimensional mindset.

Those that use social media as part of their daily routine have embraced the platforms in such a way that it has augmented their reality. A simple social profile update or check-in doesn’t cut it anymore – especially since there are plenty of methods to add multi-media layers to an existing social media marketing efforts.

1. Video conferencing (beyond a boring chat)

A regular, boring chat gets old fast especially if you can’t put a face to the person on the other side of the screen. Building relationships get kicked into high octane if you can use a variety of media because it really lets your colors show. Conferencing solutions from The Conference Group detail the features you’d seek when finding a provider for these services. High definition video, ability to introduce multiple participants, and screen sharing are some of the main points that you’d want to have access to if you plan to introduce video into your social media marketing.

Here are a few ideas to incorporate video conferencing:

  • Hold press conferences for new product/service releases
  • Conduct a Q&A session with your customers
  • Leverage trade shows and drive interested parties to a post-meeting video discussion

In many ways, video conferencing can take the shape of a webinar but, for your purpose, tailored to the participants which should add a whole new layer of social to your marketing.

2. Augmented reality (using apps and gadgets)

Augmented reality is starting to take off with a bang.

AR adds multi-media features to any type of traditional object whether it’s a video overlay caused by a QR code placed on a page within a magazine or displaying data about a particular building while viewing it through an item such as Google Glass.

Apps and gadgets have sprung up throughout the Apple, Android, Microsoft, and Blackberry marketplace which makes it possible that you can begin injecting these fun and engaging methods of social media marketing. All that is truly required, on your part, is an open mind to using this method and educating/introducing your audience to these apps/gadgets.

Consider trying a few of these with AR:

  • Exclusive download links embedded within thank you letters
  • Use the technology to show off a virtual showroom or display of your physical products
  • Create and share games that integrate your brand and its offers

The adoption of augmented reality may be slow but it will definitely become a beloved feature once more businesses add this technology into their marketing strategies.

3. Multi-media “Ask Me Anything” (as popularized by Reddit)

Reddit is quickly becoming one of the most popular websites on the Web which is why it’s living up to its tagline of “the front page of the internet”. One of the popular sub-Reddit’s (these are sub-sections within the platform) is IAMA which allows anyone to start a discussion where others can ask questions and receive answers.

The popularity of this sub-Reddit comes from the fact that many celebrities and other popular individuals have taken to the format to engage with fans and by doing so can introduce new projects and create buzz.

Some such examples of popular individuals include:

  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Gates
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Stephen King

Interestingly enough is that your business doesn’t necessarily need to be popular in order to garner interest – users of Reddit are always looking to learn which is why opening the platform for discussion can be one of your best moves.

To take this Q&A to the next level you could respond to those asking questions through video, audio, pictures, and any other format you feel fit to create social engagement.

In all, social media marketing doesn’t have to end at status updates, sharing pictures, and posting content. As you can see – there are plenty of ways to add fun, engaging multi-media elements to your campaigns that will take the drudge from work and add great buzz to your efforts.

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