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Promoted Tweets To Increasingly Find Their Targets

Brands have been promoting their Tweets for awhile now, but thanks to a new offering from Twitter, brands are now able to more accurately target these Tweets to readers receptive to such messaging. As part of its new targeting feature, Twitter will now allow advertisers to send paid ads, in the form of Tweets, to […]

In Advertising, All We Can Plan For Is Chaos

Do you have a Flip camera? Yeah, they were huge…for a year or two. But with the way things change these days, you certainly can’t plan for much, can you? Whether our clients are in a technology-related industry, or simply the technology we use to do our jobs, the evolution is happening faster than most […]

Do You Point, Shoot And Edit On The Fly?

Content marketing, and online video in particular, is the well we return to again and again. Because it’s an exciting new opportunity for brands, and for the storytellers they hire to weave their brand-sponsored narratives. Increasingly, brands are bypassing the agency option altogether, and going directly to production companies or media companies for content solutions. […]

We’re Shaped By Our Environments, And So Is “The Work”

Agencies are often known not just for their work, but for their design-centric office spaces. Given that agencies advise clients on how best to live and breathe their brand, it’s important for agencies to lead the way. In other words, “judging a book by its cover” is part of the brand identity game. According to […]

When Face Paint Won’t Do, Drink From Your Favorite Tumbler

The PR industry takes a crap in my inbox daily, so it is hard for me to express just how refreshing it is to receive a pitch by mail. Especially when it’s a custom appeal, made just for me. Like the box that arrived yesterday on my front porch… Have you ever read my Twitter […]

When A Dislike Becomes A Like

Here in Washington State in November, we’ll be voting on Initiative 502, which is designed to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. Obviously, it’s a controversial issue, although it has a lot of support. One of the pro-502 spots airing heavily on TV is this one. Note the jarring first line of the spot: “I don’t […]

Will Digital Fatigue Keep You From Investing In YAP?

You are tired. Very tired. It’s okay, you’re not alone. The constant hum of someone else’s digital success grows tiresome, as does the view (from behind the rope) of the money geysers of Silicon Valley, Alley, Prairie and Forest, etc. That’s why men and women or reason–sometimes found toiling away in editorial offices–come up with […]

Two Turntables And A Microphone Not Necessary

Leave it to a musician to show us the infinite possibilities in form, and in marketing. You may have heard, Beck is releasing his new album as sheet music only. That’s correct, there will be no disc and no downloadable tracks. And Beck’s label for this project isn’t a label at all, it’s San Francisco […]