Archives for January 2012 Has Your Back grows one’s confidence in car buying situations. Seriously. For more on that, let’s view the brand’s new Super Bowl spot from DDB Chicago: According to Tim Nudd of Adweek: Ad people will see echoes of Richard Grant’s character in How to Get Ahead in Advertising. To me, it’s a happier though no less weird […]

The Art Of The Pitch Aims To Help You Get Ahead

What’s the difference between a talented ad executive and a talented and successful ad executive? Often times, the successful one knows how to present. While many people are lamenting the pervasiveness of spec creative, or the futility of the pitch process, Peter Coughter argues the case for successful presentation and pitching skills in The Art […]

Calcuating ROSB (Return on Super Bowl)

At a price north of three million dollars for a Super Bowl spot this year, Chief Marketing Officers might be sweating some ROI-tipped bullets. With good reason. It’s a big spend and not every company is well suited to court the Super Bowl audience. That’s the news from Brand Keys’ 10th annual Super Bowl Engagement […]

Giffords Packs An Emotional Punch With Her Exit From Congress Video

As the season of electoral bitterness advances, there is one notable voice choosing to abstain. The voice of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Wow.

Candle In A Campervan, An Operatic Approach To Public Safety

We don’t feature enough radio on this site. With that said, let’s give this spot from M&C Saatchi Worldwide a listen. The spot was created to raise awareness of fire risks amongst visitors that would be staying in campervans during the Rugby World Cup 2011 (NZ). “Lame, lame your van could go up in flames.” […]

Speed, Guts and Swagger (Good Name for a New Agency)

Tom Sullivan, a principal at MDC Partners-owned shop Vitro in San Diego, thinks ad pros could learn a thing or two from political hacks. Writing in Ad Age, Sullivan argues: The truth is that agencies and brands often miss opportunities to attack. Elections are a good reminder to agencies that drawing direct comparisons can work. […]