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Perception Is Reality, Until You Bend It Into Shape

I appreciate Rupal Parekh’s effort to shine a light on the plight of aging workers in the Ad biz. Parekh focuses in on Dave Shea, 56, a copywriter/creative director in Princeton, New Jersey, and the difficulty he’s facing finding a full time agency job today. The aging of the ad business in the digital era […]

Red Tettemer Is In The Game

This year’s batch of Super Bowl spots simply can not wait. Brands are intent on getting the most from their Super Bowl buy, thus they feel justified trotting out teasers on YouTube. Like so… “Our agents are the very heart of our business, so it was important for us to create an ad that celebrates […]

Brands Are Not Inherently Social, And It Shows In Their Conversational Marketing

The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth recently conducted a new study on the usage of social media in fast-growing corporations. Fifty percent of the 2010 Inc. 500 had a corporate blog, up from 45% in 2009 and 39% in 2008. In this new 2011 study, the use of blogging dropped […]

Lady from Possum Trot And Other Stories

The Obama for President campaign is putting up a ton of video on YouTube, establishing (and in some cases forming) a direct connection with voters by offering content that won’t be seen on TV. In stark contrast to the Obama team’s content marking prowess, stands this attack dog approach from Mitt Romney’s team, desperate for […]

So Much Better Than A “Like” On Facebook

Eyeglasses purveyor, Warby Parker, did something right. We know this because Marsha, a customer from New Orleans, conveyed her brand love in a box of goodies from the Crescent City. I’ll take beignets from Cafe Du Monde over a Facebook “Like” every time.

Like It Or Not, Spec Work Has Its Place On Super Bowl Sunday

Dorito’s Crash the Super Bowl competition is fully underway and some of the finalists aren’t bad. For example: Sadly, the same can not be said for Chevrolet, which is about to put this piece of “consumer” generated crap on the air:

Jaffe Seeks To Connect Startups With Their Brand Soulmate

After selling his consultancy, crayon, in January of 2010, Joseph Jaffe is back in the agency saddle again. His new company is called Evol8tion, LLC. Evol8tion aims to change the way brands work with technology-based startups via early stage participation with early stage ventures. “The startup lives in the epicenter of technology-inspired innovation,” said Jaffe. […]