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72U Now Accepting Applications

Ad schools startups are popping up all over the map today. It’s like a meme, or something. John Boiler, a founder and president of 72 and Sunny says, “It’s a reaction to an urgent need.” According to The New York Times, 72 and Sunny plans to start an internal communications school, 72U, which will offer […]

Four Words For Viral Success: Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape

Glaceau smartwater, with the help of Zambezi, has done a very smart thing. They enlisted America’s favorite “girl next door” (sorry Sandra) to make fun of herself and the very idea of a viral video. The result? The video below is closing in on five million views on YouTube in just three days. In related […]

Because We’re Hungry For Physical Comedy

Three ConAgra brands are opting for one of the oldest (and best) tricks in the book–physical comedy. Physical comedy tends to make people laugh, often because of how stupid it is. It’s what you might call “good stupid.”

Shoot Free Throws, Reach The Moon

Court Crandall of WongDoody/LA likes to make movies. He has a story credit on Old School (2003) and was the screenwriter on A Lobster Tale (2006). His latest project, Free Throw, takes Crandall and crew into Compton where high school kids with good grades will compete to win college scholarship money. I discussed the project […]

Astronauts Are On Anroid 3.0

Propeller heads in the Apple camp will be lined up hundreds deep on Friday afternoon to get their digits on the new iPad2. But there are other choices, with no lines. Choices that astronauts make. Agency: mcgarry bowen Director: Believe Media’s Rory Kelleher.

Rodent Rock

This new work for Orkin from The Richards Group makes its point in a darkly comedic, but highly effective way. Although, I do question making rock stars out of the rodents, because that then paints Orkin as anti-rock. Okay, maybe Orkin’s not anti-rock, but they are anti-rodent heavy metal. via: AdFreak

If The Google Really Wants To Do Good, They Need To Open A Call Center And Resolve Disputes

When The Google shifts its algorithm, money changes hands. Big money. As in billions of U.S. dollars. According to, the search giant’s recent the algorithm change shifted $1 billion in annual revenue. Some of the losers felt the hit immediately. laid off 10% of its workforce last week thanks to what CEO Jason […]

Austin Agency Has Some Advice For Visiting 4A’s Member

With the 4A’s Transformation conference currently in Austin, local agency EnviroMedia Social Marketing has a few words for the visitors in regards to the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides, which is currently under review. While EnviroMedia is not a member of the 4A’s, we have been members of AAF throughout our agency’s 14-year history and […]