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Four Steps To Online Fascination…

Five Stories That Will Charm The Pants Off Your Audience… Six Ways To Impress Your Boss And Get The Raise You Deserve… Seven Things Your LinkedIn Profile Must Reveal… Eight Weeks To A New Career In Advertising… How-to articles and videos are everywhere online. They’re everywhere because people turn to the web for the information […]

Taco Del Mar: Of course, Of course

Creativity is alive and well in Seattle, home of Taco del Mar (and AdPulp’s Dan Goldgeier, as of Saturday) . Of course, of course. Tell me you’re not smiling? I can see you smiling. Of course, of course. Agency: Wexley School for Girls

Our Cooks Don’t Make Nuggets, They Just Deep Fry Them

Popcorn Chicken. Now there’s an invention. “Our cooks don’t make nuggets, they make Popcorn Chicken. Real 100% off the bone premium breast meat.” Does KFC really have the credibility needed to make a quality claim?

A Lawsuit Over HFCS Might Be Sweet For the Victors

It’s hard to believe, but claims of “false advertising” tend to not get much attention. But a lawsuit over calling High Fructose Corn Syrup “Corn Sugar” is being mounted, and the stakes are high. From a Press Release by The Sugar Association: A coalition of sugar farmers’ cooperatives and other producers, including C&H Sugar Company, […]

If You’re Somebody Online, You’re In

Bal Harbour Shops invited people to its Fashion Night Out event last week, but only if they have Klout scores of 40 or higher. Exclusivity is nothing new in our culture, but basing status on a Klout score is. There’s much debate about the value of Klout and social influence, in general, but let’s look […] Has A New Sister,

The Boston Globe has rolled out a slick new subscription-only website at will combine the newspaper’s print stories with breaking news on a site designed for customers who want premium content they can read on multiple devices, from computers to tablets to smartphones. Subscriptions run $3.99 a week, which calculates out to more […]

Dan, Now Coming To You From Seattle

As David mentioned the other day, I have left my native Atlanta for a move to the Emerald City. As of yesterday, I am now a resident of Seattle. Of all the changes and transitions I’ve made in my life, this one could be the biggest. That’s because I have accompanied my girlfriend Valerie out […]

Do You Want Endless Gold Treasures Pouring From Your Pants? Smell Better Than Yourself

Wieden+Kennedy strikes again. This new spot for Old Spice borrows some attitude from Man on a Horse, even while holding its own as another perfectly written and executed commercial. The fact the sea captain never stops punching the sea monster is the kind of detail that helps deliver more charm per second than is typically […]