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How’s Your How?

I subscribe to Tom Asacker’s free email newsletter, and I read his neatly packaged essays. Because that’s where the nuggets are. Witness: I have not found an individual’s or organization’s ‘why,’ its purpose or cause, to be the basis for success. Even though it feels good to make that connection—to think in terms of intent […]

Project Magazine is a Defining Advertising Experience on the iPad

The advertising experience on personal devices, such as the iPad or mobile devices in general, has been a pathetic regurgitation of the same banner crap that exists on the web today. Apple attempted to change the game with iAd and bring a personalized, interactive advertising environment to their devices, but adoption has been slow. It […]

No Worries, You’re A Moving Target Who Can’t Be Tracked

Online marketers don’t know jack about Matthew Creamer, and they probably don’t know much about you. In his latest Ad Age piece, Creamer says he spent time closing observing the display ads being fed to him over a 48-hour period and concluded: If the internet advertising business understands me correctly, then I am a sugary-drink-swilling, […]

Can Swim Fill The Ad Industry’s Training Gap?

There are plenty of ad schools, internships and other resources available to students looking to get some training and experience in advertising and marketing. The further along you get in your career, though, the less there seems to be unless you pursue and MBA program or seek out traditional venues for presentation training or software […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Jelly Helm at Portland Creative Conference

Editor’s Note: The following piece was written by Darby Burn Strong, who attended Portland Creative Conference on Saturday at Newmark Theatre in downtown Portland. The organizers kindly provided a press pass, and gladly honored it when Darby showed up in my place. PORTLAND—Unlike many conferences, where frenzied “participants” with bloodshot eyes scurry around maze-like super […]

Brands Want Some of the Sway Fashion Bloggers Have With Their Readers

Why am I an ad blogger, when I could be something exciting and lucrative like a mommy blogger or a fashion blogger? Or hell, a blogger writing about investing or search engine optimization. Something that sells! Adweek’s Erin Griffith looks at fashion bloggers who sell. There was a moment after New York’s 2009 Fall Fashion […]

Sustainable To The Core

Patagonia is an amazing company. Their founder is a great climber and outdoorsman, their products are awesome and the brand is one that lives its values on its fleece sleeve. So, it’s not all that surprising that the company is now asking its customers to buy only what they need, repair what breaks and recycle […]