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The BeanCast Episode 164: Can You Say “Ewanick” Three Times Fast?

I was a guest on Bob Knorpp’s The BeanCast again last night. Download the show from iTunes now. Thanks to Knorpp’s gracious invite (and my patented contentiousness), I joined Wendi Cooper of C Spot Run, Kelly Eidson of Modea and Tyler Hurst on the program’s 164th episode. We discussed GM’s desire to be more like […]

Another GM Story: This Time, Goodby Gets Graded In Public

Sorry to put another GM story on top of the last one, but I think this is a bit bizarre. Ad Age reports on a public grading of Goodby’s Chevy work. Asked to grade Goodby nearly one year into the “Chevy Runs Deep” campaign, Mr. Ewanick said: “I think they’re a great agency. I’m really […]

GM Has The Right Idea, But Can They Execute?

General Motors wants to be the next Apple, according to Ad Age. Speaking to an audience of investors and analysts this week, GM’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, Joel Ewanick, had this to say: “We understand our direct competitors are Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai — a very, a very strong competitor, one that I know well and […]

Your Cre8con Discount Code: “AdPulp”

The Portland Creative Conference (aka Cre8con) is an interdisciplinary exploration and celebration of the creative process across various creative industries. The conference features keynote presentations from leading creatives who reveal their work and talk about their process, secrets, influences and inspirations. The event is produced by Oregon Creative Industries and takes place on Saturday September […]

Further Reflections On #BlogWell And

One of the things I learned at BlogWell— the conference I attended at Boeing’s Future of Flight Museum north of Seattle this week–is the conference is attended mostly by members of–an organization I knew little about until this week. Now that I know more, I’m impressed. For one thing, I like their business model. […]

Amazon Knows What Brands You Like And Now So Will The Brands

Amazon is a company that understands the value of data, and the Seattle company is about to turn their customer data into an even bigger cash machine by helping brand marketers reach customers, not just on, but on any website. Jay Habegger, writing in Ad Age, explains why Amazon’s new ad network is big […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: adidas Is OG (a.k.a. Original)

adidas America is a Portland player. As such, they’ve hooked up with Stumptown’s Kamp Grizzly, the “creative collective” founded by Daniel Portrait in 2005, in an effort to help promote their Originals line. Kamp Grizzly consists of a core group of nine full-time employees including directors, motion graphics artists, 3D & VFX artists, designers, and […]

The AdPulp Poll: How Long Have You Been Hanging Out?

How Long Have You Been Reading AdPulp?