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What’s In It For You? Privileged Access For A Song, A.K.A. The V.I.P. Treatment

As you may know, we’re trying to raise money to improve our editorial product. Thus far, the campaign has been a failure. But you know what Wieden+Kennedy says about failure, right? “Fail harder.” That’s what we’ve been doing. Now, I want to give you a look at some behind the scenes conversations regarding the campaign […]

Queensland Calling

As we reported in April, Tourism Queensland, with the help of SapientNitro, has devised a B2B travel campaign that pits businesses head-to-head in a competition for a customized travel package to Queensland, Australia worth one million dollars. Now, here’s a look at some of the contenders: Boomerang Reisen GmbH has been operating in the travel […]

Lumbering Giants Of The Ad Biz Are Out Of Place And Out Of Fashion

Ad Age is pointing to Unilever’s decision to hire startup agency, Roth Partners, as a sign of things to come. Mike Polk, president-global foods, home and personal care at Unilever, said Roth Partners beat out big rivals because it could provide a “channel-agnostic” approach with the right talent faster than other Unilever shops or holding […]

How Are Your Email Relationships?

As Editor of this fine publication, I get a lot of email. My email address is publicly displayed here, thus easily “harvested.” But here’s the thing, companies harvest my email and then subscribe to me their “opt-in” email newsletter, many of which come each week day. So, I end up opting out of something I […]

Huntsman Has Seven Kids, But A Bike For One

GOP Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman’s second mysterious video: 4 Days from Jon Huntsman Jr. on Vimeo. This is a bizarre teaser campaign. But I’m still intrigued. Maybe he’s setting the stage for the final video: An Evel Kneivel-style jump over 14 trillion one dollar bills. You know, a victory over the debt. We’ll see. Previously […]

FedEx Doesn’t Ship Kids, But They Do Ship Clubs

FedEx makes fun of dad’s not so little obsessions this Father’s Day. Did you catch the wife’s look of disgust? It’s a nice touch.

Are We Fast On Our Way To Irrelevancy, Or Enhanced Relevancy?

Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener’s latest “Digital Minute” email newsletter looks at the issue of new media immediacy. For consumers, the trend towards immediacy provides instant gratification and lets users generate content, but for marketers and other organizations, the trend poses a tricky conundrum. The faster information is released, the less time there is to filter […]

No Place Is Safe From Corporatization, a Groupon-like company in India, brought fresh water to an Indian village in the form of 15 hand pumps that would make it so the villagers wouldn’t have to walk nearly two miles just to get clean water. According to Mashable, the villagers were so grateful for the pumps distributed throughout the city, […]