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Yahoo! Scene Also At Cannes

Yahoo! Scene has a team of reporters churning out content from Cannes, including ad bloggers Steve Hall, Ask Wappling and Angela Natividad. Here’s a quick look at some of Yahoo’s video coverage:

Tune In To TVWA (No, That’s Not A Typo)

TBWA France is shooting some interesting video at Cannes this week, and tweaking the agency’s call letters ever so slightly in the process. There are times when big agency life looks quite good from afar. This is one of those times.

Hope Isn’t Hiring Dot Com

The Republican National Committee is using the domain name and the following video to help makes its point about the economy. In related news, Adweek reports that “digital is still just a sideshow; even in 2012, candidates of all kinds will spend what amounts to pennies on digital ads, at least compared to the […]

A Retainer Plus Project Fees Is The Answer

A new survey from the Association of National Advertisers looks at changes in digital-agency compensation. A retainer plus project fees is now the predominant form of digital agency pay, with 66% of marketers using that approach in 2011, up from only 37% in 2009. The survey also found a growing number of marketers using a […]

Sell The Best Work, And You’re The Man

Australia’s Ad News is running a piece on the value of a good “suit” by Chris Kay, Head of Account Management at BMF, which is one of the country’s most creative shops. The ability to spot an opportunity where no-one else can, to build the nub of a thought into a fully grown idea, the […]

Cannes Do

Miles Young is CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. He makes Cannes sound like work, but I’m pretty certain a high percentage of people actually working in the ad business would be pleased to step away from their desks for a week of fun in the sun. Young also downgrades his digital peers in this […]

Apply Some Creative Thinking And Anything–Even Peace–Is Possible

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel issued a brief meant to spark fresh ideas from the global advertising community that could help foster a new peace between Jews and Arabs. The Objective Rather than ‘out of date’ policies, we need ‘out of the box’ solutions. Let’s show the world that creative minds at their best can […]

How To Make Money With Social Media Offers More Than Just “Send Me $5 Now”

For the title of their new book, Jamie Turner and Reshma Shah didn’t go to Cleversville. They went straight for the gut with How to Make Money with Social Media: An Insider’s Guide on Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business. The title is a little misleading; you’re not going to get a […]