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Google Teams With Hip Partners For Chromebook Sampling Opportunities

Ace Hotel New York and Google have teamed up to put the brand new Chromebook in the hands of guests and lobby visitors at Ace Hotel New York. “For the savvy travelers who stay at the Ace, the speed, simplicity and security of Chromebooks are an ideal tool to keep you always connected no matter […]

“This Special TV Offer” Is Increasingly Realized Online

Direct marketers are directing people to their online stores, as more and more consumers forgo dialing a toll-free number and instead log on to complete their purchase. Sonia Makurdsik, a marketing consultant for Hampton Direct, which owns PajamaJeans, told The New York Times that 70 percent of nonstore sales came from online purchases as opposed […]

Free Sounds Good, When It’s The First Part Of Freedom

I have a confession to make. I judged Chris Anderson’s 2009 book, Free, by the word on its cover. Now that I’m actually reading the book, it’s pretty obvious that Anderson is not one more Silicon Valley evangelist hell bent on a radical redistribution of wealth. And he’s not the enemy of media elites, he’s […]

Justin’ll Fix It

News Corp. was able to rid itself of MySpace just before the end of its fiscal year. The new buyer for the ailing social network is Irvine, California-based Specific Media, an online ad network. For Specific Media, MySpace’s 34.9 million monthly visitors provide an audience for its network of online ads. You’ll likely recall that […]

Is Your Content Strategy Liquid And Linked?

Chris Schreiber of Sharethrough was in Cannes last week. He says one of the most compelling sessions he attended was “Liquid and Linked” from Coca-Cola execs who detailed the company’s global connections, a.k.a marketing, strategy. Here’s the official description of the panel: “Liquid and Linked” is a strategy that places a new emphasis on dynamic […]

Please Convert Your Gratitude To Cash

“Free is just another price, and prices are set by individual actors, in accordance with the aggregated particulars of marketplace power.” –Malcolm Gladwell Our crowdfunding campaign will wrap up in 15 days. I’ll be relieved when it ends. I like to experiment with new tools on the web, see how and what works, and why. […]

Luke Sullivan Gets Roasted, Lightly

With Luke Sullivan departing GSD&M to become head of the advertising program at SCAD, some enterprising co-workers of his have put together WhippleRoast, which features many video tributes, including this one from Lee Clow. My own Luke story is that I met him, briefly, as an ad school grad showing my book at Fallon. And […]

PR Firms Stay Home While Cannes Burns

According to Ad Age, PR shops need to step up at Cannes. “For the third straight year in a row, the PR industry is still failing to represent itself as strongly as it should in its own category,” Cannes juror Renee Wilson, said. Interestingly, recovering journalist Jeremy Mullman of Olson isn’t buying it. Am I […]