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Harley Moves From One Cage To Another

According to Ad Age, this new spot from Harley-Davidson is the product of its linkup with Boulder, Colo.-based crowdsourcing shop Victor & Spoils. The idea came from a Kentuckian, Whit Hiler, described by Evan Fry, Victors & Spoils’ chief creative officer, as a “passionate amateur.” Cages? Everyone but a Harley rider lives in a cage? […]

Farm Bureau Says, “Stop Knocking On Wood.”

Here’s a new spot from Young & Laramore in Indianapolis, director James Dalthorp and Green Dot Films. “While the rest of the insurance category is saturated with advertising unreal situations, Young & Laramore has given us a platform to stand out as a challenger brand that counters that trend,” said Tom Faulconer, Chief Marketing Officer […]

Stop Human Trafficking

Young & Rubicam New York joined forces with MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and music collective Black Iris–featuring Best Coast’s lead Bethany Cosentino–to produce a powerful new music video that raises awareness of human trafficking. The song, “When Will I Feel Love,” was written exclusively by Cosentino for this project. “The music video tells […]

TedxUOregon Offers Advanced Theories And Practices In Advertising And Journalism

This is a guest post from AdPulp Contributor, Charlie Quirk. PORTLAND–A mixed bag of ad industry professionals, educators and students eager to glean nuggets of wisdom from an equally eclectic bag of presenters gathered last Friday for TedxUOregon, held at the University’s Turnbull Center in Portland’s Old Town district. With his luminous silver mane glistening […]

Know Your Usage Laws. Or Pay Up.

I don’t think I’ll try to pull an appropriate image for this post. From In May, 2010, with the assumption Web images without copyright notices were “public domain” and free to use, a Webcopyplus copywriter used Google images to find an unmarked 400 x 300 pixel scenic photo to complement an article for a […]

J. C. Penny Caught Slumming In The “Subterranean World of ‘Black Hat’ Optimization”

According to David Segal of The New York Times, J. C. Penny gamed Google’s search results and is now paying the price for its actions. At 7 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, J. C. Penney was still the No. 1 result for “Samsonite carry on luggage.” Two hours later, it was at No. 71. At […]

Extreme Personalization In Social Channels Is The New Black

When Old Spice’s man on a horse started making videos that addressed consumers directly, a viral star was born. Now, ATT wants some. At this time, 2353 people have gone to ATT’s Facebook Page to offer a Valentine’s Day message to a loved one in hope that it will be shouted from a mountaintop by […]

An Advertising Week Podcast Featuring Yours Truly

I’ve hosted some podcasts for Talent Zoo and have been a guest panelist on Bob Knorpp’s BeanCast, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had my own advertising-related life and career become a topic of discussion. Until last night. I was a guest on The Advertising Week Social Club Interview, hosted by Doug Zanger. Take a […]