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The Conditions For Success Need To Be Plainly Evident

Phil Johnson is CEO of PJA Advertising & Marketing with offices in Cambridge and San Francisco. He’s also a contributor to Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary. Johnson’s latest piece addresses some fundamental problems people in the agency business face. Like this one: If you want a healthy, profitable relationship, find a client that can articulate […]

Unoriginal, But Effective

Working with a concept that isn’t their own, T-Mobile does a pretty nice job here with the script and the casting. I especially like the personification of AT&T. MG Siegler at Techcrunch also likes the spot and he believes it’s a “smart” play by T-Mobile. What say you?

Do You Like That Ad? It’s Just Your Hormones

Gotta love these scientific studies. From Marketing Week: Research has found that oxytocin, which acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, causes people to have more empathy towards issues raised in TV advertisements. Participants at the Claremont Graduate University in California were given a spray of oxytocin to sniff, or a placebo, and then shown […]

Kraft Lights A New Fire, Chicago Shops Left Out In The Cold

Three powerful women–Irene Rosenfeld, Dana Anderson and Mary Beth West–are shaking things up at Kraft’s headquarters in suburban Chicago and the reverberations can be felt along North Michigan Avenue and beyond. According to Ad Age, Kraft has, over the past 24 months, cut longstanding ties with Interpublic Group of Cos. and WPP shops on more […]

“One Tough Mother” Outwits Ad Man Turned Armed Robber

We all know what tough times have hit the nation and the ad business, in particular. But for some, the road has been more than a bumpy ride, it’s been a nightmarish slide into oblivion. Nestor Gabriel Caballero Gutierrez, for instance, used to run Creativa Advertising in Portland, which lists Safeway, PGE, Pacific Power and […]

HumanKind For Five Kind Humans

I like to mail things to people. T shirts, books, letters, you name it. Maybe we’ll open an AdPulp store someday. But not today. Today is promo day! Yesterday, the FedEx trucked stopped in front of the cottage and left a box of books on the stoop. Inside the box are six cellophane-wrapped hardcover editions […]

How Trends Become Contagious

Check out this 13-minute snapshot of New York City creatives in advertising, design, fashion and entertainment who are helping to shape today’s pop culture. INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo. Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, Influencers belongs to the new generation of short films, webdocs, which combine the documentary […]

Innovate Writing On The Platform Of Your Choice

OPEN Forum got my attention this morning thanks to a feature interview with Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum of Electric Literature, a new literary magazine that’s making it big. One of the reasons they’re making it big: they practice media agnosticism. By offering more than the paperback option–in fact, by making their journal available on […]