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Nice Legs Take A Walk For Martini & Rossi

David&Goliath introduces new work for Martini & Rossi sparkling wine — the brand’s first ad campaign in almost 10 years.

Fentimans Has A Bit Of A Kick

Sell! Sell! is out with a new campaign for Fentimans. Fentimans are a real family business, dating back to 1905, with a cracking product. So the agency wanted to get out of the way, and let them speak to people honestly and directly about their product.

Buy My Book: View From The Cheap Seats

This week marks the 150th column I’ve written for I’ve received countless emails and comments of praise, and I’ve managed to piss off the AAAA, Sarah Palin fans, and the SMU faculty, among others. But mostly, it’s been fun and cathartic. Now AdPulp readers can own a compilation of columns in a hardcover copy […]

Want Less Government? Then You Might Get Less Advertising

Last week, I posted about the New York Times article on government subsidies of cheese marketing. Well, the government funds quite a bit of marketing and advertising. So if we need to get government out of our lives, as many people believe (and our recent elections reflected), what would happen to the advertising industry? Here’s […]

From Content To Retail And Back

Everyone’s dabbling in media these days. Meanwhile, smart media companies are getting into retail. Wired Magazine, for instance, will sell merchandise like Jack Spade messenger bags, “The El” bike, headphones and iPad cases in a pop-up store that opens on Friday in the three-story Tower Records building in NoHo. “The gloves are off here at […]

We’re Fat And We’re Hungry

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Economic Research Service reported earlier this week that more than 50 million Americans, including 17 million children, live in hunger. Feeding America and the Ad Council–with pro bono help from Cutwater–are publicizing the need and asking for a hand in solving the hunger epidemic. “We are compelled, obliged, even […]

Fast Company Looks At The Fast-Changing World Of Advertising

You know something’s gonna be intriguing when there’s an article in Fast Company magazine called “The Future of Advertising” but the embedded title in the URL reads “Mayhem on Madison Avenue.” Fast Company Senior Writer Danielle Sacks, who writes fairly regularly about the ad industry and the people in it, takes a big-picture look at […]

Clickity Clack

Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic took a look at this graph from MorganStanley analyst Mary Meeker and paused to consider what it means. For people working in digital advertising, it means there’s a long ways to go before media consumption and online ad spending meet in a happy place. Of course, Madrigal doesn’t work in […]