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People Who Live And Breathe The Client’s Brand, Often Fail To Service Their Own

Matthew Creamer of Ad Age sees lessons in agency branding in the 4th season of Mad Men, which wrapped up on AMC last night. He also sees a growing need for such branding from an industry that truly has no excuse. These days, an agency is both blessed and cursed by what feels like an […]

Labor Prices Fluctuate Like Gold

Agencies are not exactly seen as paragons of innovation, but there are some smart people working to change that. Portland agency Fight, for instance, has introduced variable pricing, a simple concept based on supply (of their time) and demand (for their time). How Fight varies their rate is explained in detail on their site, but […]

It Says You Like Cool-jams

Cool-jams wicking sleepwear outperforms all other leading wicking brands when it comes to night sweats, hot flashes, menopause, etc. Of course, this has not a thing to do with AT&T mobility, but the copywriter working on the following AT&T commercial thought it would be funny to add two lines of dialogue that gives the sleepwear […]

Croatians For Conscious Outerwear

Agency: Bruketa & Zinic Client: Animal Friends Croatia

New York City and L.A. Remain Epicenters In The Ad Biz

The Advertising Coalition, comprised of leading trade associations, media and marketing companies, commissioned a comprehensive study to assess advertising’s economic impact across 52 industries and state and national governments. The study found that US businesses spend $279 billion in advertising annually and that each dollar spent on advertising generates nearly $20 of economic output. When […]

The AdPulp Interview: Tom Asacker

The AdPulp Interview is one of my favorite features on the site. I get to ask smart people about important topics of the day in our industry and learn from them in the process. With that in mind, I’m excited to offer you the following interview with Tom Asacker. Tom’s one of the good guys […]

McDonald’s Pushes Apples In The Land Of Pork Barrel Spending

I’m visting Washington DC this weekend, and being a news and political junkie, I happened to pick up free copies of Politico and The Hill, two tabloid-shaped papers that focus on insider politics, congressional races, and the like. So who’s ponying up cash for full-page color ads in these papers? Folks you’d expect to want […]

Content Is Money, If You Package It Properly And Use It To Sell Ads, Products And Experiences

Business Insider is running an interesting piece on Village Ventures and how they are the one venture capital firm in existence that doesn’t run for the hill at the idea of investing in a content company. In fact, content companies form the core of Village Venture’s investments. Take a look… According to the article, Village […]