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Making Mom Laugh, Helps Mom Make Dinner

With the launch of its latest content play, Kraft Foods is hoping moms will laugh out loud (LOL). Of course, Kraft is no stranger to content. According to Chicago Tribune, the company debuted “Kraft Television Theater” in 1947 to to promote new products including sliced process cheese (1950) and Cheez Whiz (1952). Julie Fleischer, Kraft’s […]

10 Not So Litte Things To Help Turn Your Agency Around

As a help to brand planners everywhere, Gareth Kay, Director of Brand Strategy at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, has offered up 10 “little ideas” on his blog. Here they are: #10 – be interesting, not right #9 – get obsessed by games #8 – be a magazine editor #7 – break the tyranny of the […]

UnMarketing: An Odd Title But A Better Book

I have to admit, after seeing so many me-too books on social media and web 2.0 this year, I wasn’t expecting much from Scott Stratten’s UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. “UnMarketing” sounds, well, unctuous. But I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed it. First and foremost, Stratten has a good sense of humor […]

No Duck, No Flo, No Deep-Voiced Announcer…Is This Really An Insurance Campaign?

RPA in Santa Monica, along with ShadowMachine–the producers of the Emmy Award-winning show Robot Chicken–present didactic puppets on behalf of Farmer’s Insurance.

It’s Not A Kitchen, It’s A Hipster Party Room

Mother London and recording artist Jona Lewie have teamed up to sell Ikea kitchens, which in no way resemble your grandma’s kitchen. [via Brandfreak]

R.I.P., Mr. C.

Sure, he was Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days, but I also remember him being the proud spokesman for Glad trash bags. Happy Days Star Tom Bosley Dead at 83.

These Spots Are Dated, In A Good Way

DeVito/Verdi has been doing outstanding work in the hospital category for years. Now the New York agency is back for more. This time for Abington Memorial Hospital in suburban Philadelphia.

Microsoft Office Talks “Ideas” With Mac Users, Because Mac Users Are All Creative And Stuff

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 presents “Id3a01ogy” — a three part web documentary series that delves into the creative process. id3a01ogy is directed by Dennis Liu. This is how Liu describes the project: “It basically celebrates ‘ideas’ and creative thinking. Our subjects range from a Hollywood screenwriter/literary manager, to start-up company owners and educators. The […]