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Spotlight on NW Creative: Seattle Gear, People And Music

JanSport, a division of VF Outdoor, Inc., was founded in 1967 in Seattle, Washington. The brand has a particularly inventive Seattle ad agency on the account and they’re helping to break out Seattle indie band The Cave Singers. JanSport’s advertising campaign features footage from the brand’s first-annual Bonfire Sessions, a secret campfire concert set under […]

Against Government Waste, But For Big-Bugdet Spots

An organization called Citizens Against Government Waste is stimulating the economy by spending a lot to make and run this spot. I have no objection to reducing government waste, but if you’re curious, according to its website, these Citizens represent the legacy of the Grace Commission, which was a…you guessed it…government-mandated commission appointed by Ronald […]

Help A Reporter Out, Help Yourself Out

Help A Reporter Out is a service that connects reporters with sources. A recent article on Open Forum suggests that answering media queries can be a great way to share expertise and get the word out about your company. “Reporters’ queries are aggregated, categorized and distributed via e-mail to subscribers several times a day,” said […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Some B2B Marketers Find It Slow Going

According to The Wall Street Journal, B-to-B businesses are having a harder time connecting with their target audience on Facebook than their B-to-C counterparts. Thankfully, the reporter explores the other side of this story, as well. Some B-to-B owners say social networking is actually ideal for their demographic since it can take months for their […]

Can Brand “Movements” Really Go Anywhere?

We all know that there are some agencies, marketing gurus, and other folks who are pushing the idea of creating “movements” around brands. I’ve been very curious about the philosophy surrounding this for some time. Now, getting people to participate in any sort of movement is rare, and requires to some extent time and dedication. […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Portland Agencies Are Hiring

Is the economy thawing? If you read the tea leaves, a.k.a. Job Board at Portland Creative List correctly, you might quickly come to that conclusion. All told, Portland Creative List has 37 jobs openings listed at this time. No copywriters need apply, but if you’re a Web Developer, you’re in luck.

Check In For Charity

According to The New York Times, Oakland-based Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law firm, has found an innovative way to raise money and bring attention to their cause. Earthjustice teamed with location based service, Foursquare, to create a check-in-and-give campaign. As the ad says, “Every time you check in, an Earthjustice donor will donate $10 to […]

Talking Bass Says “Catch Me” In Long-Winded Monlogues

Colle+McVoy has released a new campaign for its client Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation. The Foundation’s Anglers’ Legacy program is aimed at tapping into people’s passion for fishing by asking them to introduce the sport to someone new. I actually love the pace of the second, longer form spot. It’s soooooo sloooowwwww and that’s an […]