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Brands Too Can Be Repurposed

An auction of office equipment and movie memorabilia was held earlier this year at the Movie Gallery/Hollywood Entertainment headquarters in Wilsonville. Now the bankrupt company is preparing to auction off its brand names, digital assets and customer information. According to The Oregonian, the Nov. 9 auction will be handled by the valuation firm Streambank of […]

Advertising To “Ideas People” Just Became A Bit Simpler To Do

Mediaweek reports that there’s a new ad network in town, one that ties together highbrow audiences who read The Economist, Christian Science Monitor, Mother Jones, The New Republic, Talking Points Memo, Daily Kos, The Chronicle of Higher Education and other like-minded periodicals. The Ideas People Channel is the umbrella name for the network. Executives said […]

Andrew Keller, Creative Dude & CEO

Creativity–along with several other media outlets–is reporting that Andrew Keller is the new CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky. To the outside world, it was unclear who’d be the next leader of CPB, but top management within apparently made the call sometime ago. “We probably decided about a year ago that Andrew would be the […]

Looking for Transparency in Marketing? Sorry, There’s Nothing There

It’s another buzzword: Transparency. And even in this age of social media, it’s hard to find. Think of the type of products you buy. Who makes your clothing? Who grows your food? Who assembled your iPhone? Chances are, you don’t know. That’s OK. Most people really don’t want to know. It’s also the kind of […]

MyFaceSpace Rides Again

At long last, MySpace is looking shiny and new again. Welcome to the new MyspaceMyspace | Myspace Video According to MySpace President Michael Jones the News Corp.-owned site will no longer seek to compete with Facebook, but rather complement it. “Our focus is social entertainment,” he said. “Niche players have long staying power.” By complementing […]

Hey Shorty!

The number of 15-second television commercials has jumped more than 70 percent in five years to nearly 5.5 million last year, according to Nielsen. They made up 34 percent of all national ads on the air last year, up from 29 percent in 2005. “It becomes a very seductive thing to get your message out […]

Funny Creatures Mouthing Big Ideas For Biodiversity

Everyone is good at something, including the star-nosed mole with its highly-developed tactile sensors. But the habitats of unique animals are in danger. Important areas of refuge in Africa for rare plant and animal species are threatened by overexploitation, such as the Kakamega Forest, the last major rainforest in Kenya. Which is why Biovision enlisted […]

Finally, A Clean Politician

[via Christian Science Monitor]