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If You Don’t Vote Republican On Tuesday, Your City Could Soon Resemble Gomorrah By The Bay

If you believe the Republican National Committee, San Francisco has a brand identity problem. It’s the city where liberalism has run amok, a liberalism best contained on that tiny peninsula. Here’s what The New York Times is reporting: In the waning days of a highly charged election season, Republicans near and far are united against […]

Control Is An Illusion Kept Alive By Ego

I think we all know people who hold too closely to ideas they consider their own. Ideas become like babies to these people, and babies need protecting. Barry Lowenthal of The Media Kitchen thinks it’s a mistake, particularly for agencies, to behave this way. When people hoard information, they immediately limit the potential for idea […]

New Book Roundup: Nalty, Gallo, Meerman Scott and Verdino

The Marketing section of the bookstore has been overflowing with interesting new books trying to make some sense of the new world of advertising and marketing in these hyper-connected times. I’d like to mention the new ones that have come my way: In Beyond Viral: How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money […]

How Clean Can Catfish Be?

According to The Guardian, Catfish Farmers of America (CFA) and the Catfish Institute, are claiming that Chinese and Vietnamese catfish fillets are tainted with pollutants and antibiotics. The institute is calling for country of origin labels on catfish, and the farmers’ body wants the Obama administration to inspect all imports. But a seafood industry trade […]

GUESS by Marciano Is Not Just A Clothing Line, It’s An Aphrodisiac

There’s Big Money In Bad Ads

According to the Los Angeles Times, money from political advertising is filling the bank accounts of local TV stations. Candidates and supporters are caught up in a frenetic advertising blitz, on pace to drop a record $3 billion, according to analysts who monitor spending. Most of the money is going to an old-media workhorse: local […]

Are Nasty Political Campaigns New? That’s A Negative.

Here, in the actual words of the day, are what some negative ads of 1800 might have looked like, courtesy of Reason magazine. That’s some good copywriting.

How Do You Take Your Magazine?

Khoi Vinh, formerly of The New York Times is often asked his opinions on the cavalcade of publications rushing to the iPad. Here’s what he has to say about magazines on the iPad: My opinion about iPad-based magazines is that they run counter to how people use tablets today and, unless something changes, will remain […]