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The Association of National Advertisers Needs A New Agency Of Record

The “ad” below was sent to me by email today. Here’s some of the lead copy that goes along with it: “Celebrate ANA’s 100th anniversary by connecting with your colleagues–senior marketers and chief marketing officers–for an event, one hundred years in the making, that will bring you cutting-edge trends and ideas from the industry.” It […]

A ‘Zine Just For You, Edited By Your Friends

What if all the crap your friends post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. everyday came packaged in a slick online magazine? According to Fast Company, Flipboard was founded by Evan Doll, a former iPhone engineer at Apple, and Mike McCue. The company just snagged $10.5 million in startup cash from such luminaries as Twitter co-founder […]

This May Not Be The Ad Your Ad Could Smell Like

Writing on BNET Media Blog, Catharine Taylor issues a warning for all the folks looking to re-create the Old Spice sensation. It takes a special brand of marketer and ad agency to pull such a thing off, and, as anyone in the ad industry will tell you, that’s much easier said than done. It’s no […]

Waste Not, Want Not

Sukle, recognizing that “frugality is en vogue like never before,” is presenting new work for Denver Water. To demonstrate the proposition and lead by example, Denver Water and Sukle reused old billboards and placed a thin vinyl snipe over the existing art, using only 8% of the vinyl that a newly printed board would.

American Family Is Pioneering Trackable Advertainment, Proving That It Helps Sell insurance

American Family Insurance has no gecko, but they the company’s marketing pros do have a clue. According to Ad Age, the brand’s content play, “In Gayle We Trust,” is now entering its second season with an even stronger focus on targeting and tracking new customers. American Family is also bring gaming to the forefront with […]

The Women Are Now The Mad Men

One of the more interesting side effects of the popularity of AMC’s “Mad Men” (which starts its 4th season on Sunday) is that the show has thrown a spotlight on the ad industry. And let’s be honest, most people who don’t work in the ad biz, or don’t really know anyone who does, haven’t got […]

As A Writer, You Want Other Writers As Readers

I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but it can be weird on this side of the screen sometimes, not knowing who’s out there or who really cares. I think that’s one of the great things about being a musician or stage actor–musicians and stage actors play live and get a visceral reaction from […]

Like Agencies, Ad Schools Compete For Talent

In a reminder that ad schools sometime compete for instructors as well as students, Eddie Snyder has joined Atlanta’s Creative Circus as Senior Advisor of Advertising Studies. Snyder says, “I love teaching. After all, It’s what a good creative director does: you teach, nurture, elevate work and inspire. The Creative Circus is the perfect environment […]