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Another One Of The Ads Your Ad Should Feel Like

This new Old Spice spot feels a little, well, sequel-y (is that even a word?), but it’s still inventive–and sells the hell out of the product. Glad these ads are getting the recognition they deserve. They’re a testament to the power of a great–and fun–idea.

Agency Types Turn To The Academy For Answers

George Parker is not going to like this. Draftfcb is opening the Institute of Decision Making, devoted to finding out more about the instinctual ways that consumers behave along with the rational and emotional ones. The unit will concentrate on emerging fields like behavioral economics and neuroscience. The institute has formed ties with assistant professors […]

Gamification, Second Cousin To Californication

Last week we took up game theory in this space. Today, with the help of Reuben Steiger, CEO of social media agency Millions of Us, we’re looking at game mechanics, and the impact these mechanics can have on marketing. Writing in Ad Age, Steiger says: Today, the research on buying behavior is beginning to be […]

Oil Companies’ Image Ads Keep Flowing

In the wake of the BP oil spill, Forbes takes a look at what other oil companies are doing to get their message out: Shell Oil recently launched a campaign created by JWT in London that trumpets the company’s efforts to “build a better energy future” by delivering liquefied natural gas to Japan and creating […]

When A Consumer Packaged Good Becomes A Lifestyle Brand, It’s Here To Stay

Looks like Wheat Thins is a Kraft brand that just wants to have fun. Which makes sense–the ubiquitous crackers are a party snack, after all. Here’s another in a growing series of on-camera pranks from Chicago agency, and Friend of AdPulp (FoAP), The Escape Pod. The brand was also at Bonnaroo recently, and it looks […]

Seattle’s Best Coffee Gives People Something To Be Excited About

Creature introduces it version of Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine for Seattle’s Best Coffee, a Starbucks brand. While it’s not a new idea, the big red fridge was definitely a surprise and delight to the Los Angelenos who encountered it, and its innards full of chilled SBC cans.

Digital Semantics: One Man’s Banner Is Another Man’s Display Ad

I’m confused by this bit of news from MediaWeek: will roll out a sweeping redesign that encapsulates what publisher and general manager Charlie Tillinghast called “a major rethinking of what a news site is.” At the heart of that redesign is a philosophy that Web pages needn’t be text centric, and that Web ads […]

Greenpeace Wants To See Trader Joe’s And Costco In Recovery

I believe this is a keep-the-pressure-on spot from Greenpeace, as the group already won several concessions from Trader Joe’s. According to this article from March, Trader Joe’s has removed many unsustainable products from its shelves, including the highly objectionable orange roughy that it sold for several years. By December 31, 2012 Trader Joe’s will only […]