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Imagine What Comes From An Electrolux

As you know, benefits, not product features, sell product. That’s why Electrolux and their Stockholm-based agency, Lowe Brindfors, made a spot about benefits–in this case, fun mealtimes, family warmth and magical moments with friends.

The Agency Perspective on Apple’s iAd

Over at Boston agency Hill Holliday’s blog, Ilya Vedrasko and some of his colleagues share what they learned after Apple reps came to the agency to talk about the iAd, the new mobile ad platform. Adam Cahill, head of the digital media group, had this to say: Three things strike me as interesting: Pricing: Apple […]

Skinny Jeans Covered In Moss

This self-promo piece for the Portland After Effects User Group is also an interesting “ad” for the city. An AEPDX Meeting from Juliet Zulu on Vimeo. AEPDX’s mission is to give visual and motion graphics effects artists in Portland a platform for communication, education and collaboration. [via W+K]

Eccentric? Yes. Successful? Very.

Seattle Times is running a long copy feature on enigmatic Seattle firm, Wexley School for Girls. There’s not much new information about Wexley in the article, but there is this journalistic conclusion: Wexley is an ad firm tailor-made for the “broadcast yourself” YouTube age, where it’s fun to pretend you’re too cool to be snagged […]

Leave Your Duffer Days Behind

Product features are nice and shiny, but benefits drive trial and purchase. For instance, a golf club manufacturer could go on and on about the rightness of their clubs. Or they could tell you their clubs will help you play better, guaranteed. That’s the path Golfsmith in Austin, Tex. is taking. Matt Corey, SVP/ marketing […]

Wanted: A Washing Machine With A Turnip Rinse Cycle

While American ad types drone on and on about social media, iPads and crowdsourcing, marketers in emerging markets are solving more basic problems when it comes to reaching consumers. The Economist has a fascinating look at some of the efforts: The most difficult trick of all is what some call “straddling the pyramid” or “playing […]

Local Bank Spots Coming Up Short

It seems to me that every local agency wants a local bank as an account, and the chance to make TV for them. YouTube is certainly overflowing with the results… Clearly, local banks make their spots on the cheap. You can see from the spots above where the production quality is–or is not–and you can […]

Self-Promo Contest Leads Winners To Self-Congratulation Festival

Bridge Worldwide in Cincinnati has a Burning Question for you: Are you a Marketing Revolutionist? If you are, and you enter Bridge’s Burning Question contest, you could win a trip to Cannes for the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. We want to bring two people who are just as passionate about changing marketing as […]