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Digi Dollars

Forbes is reporting that spending on digital advertising will surpass spending on print in 2010. Of the $368 billion marketers plan to spend this year, 32.5% will go toward digital; 30.3% to print. Digital spending includes e-mail, video advertising, display ads and search marketing. “It’s a watershed moment,” says the study’s lead author, Outsell vice […]

Targeted Ads Hit A Bullseye To Get Lou Dobbs Off The Air

From comes a fascinating look at the microtargeted ads that were used to ramp up the pressure on CNN to do something about Lou Dobbs and his increasingly controversial views. Josh Koster and Tyler Davis of digital consultancy Chong + Koster explain: We needed to gain and keep the press’ attention, so we deployed […]

Like A Scene From Easy Rider, But With A Different Outcome

[via Make the Logo Bigger]

Ignore The Soundtrack, Hear The Speaker

Friend of AdPulp, Sally Hogshead, was in Toronto last week as part of The Art of Marketing conference. Here she is responding to some of the conference participants’ questions about her new book, Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation. I like how midway through the video, Hogshead says, “What branding is about is […]

Hoping For Audacity, Old-Media Style

The Sunday New York Times is still the first choice of many organizations who place high-profile, full-page ads for maximum impact. Don’t know how long that’ll last, though. I found out about the above ad on The Huffington Post.

Make Sense Of What Doesn’t

Agency: zig, Toronto [via Ads of the World]

Time For A Raise

Talking about how much money you make has been taboo for as long as I can remember. But we live in a different time today. A time of radical transparency. I don’t know if that’s what led social media consultants Mack Collier and Chris Brogan to post their rates, but what drove them to do […]

These Ads Make Me Happy, And I Bet The Beer Would Too

See the whole campaign in larger sizes. [via Luke Oeth and Josh Leutz]