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Your Attention, Please – If You Can Spare Any

I’ve got the TV on as I type this, the Twitter stream on another screen, and a couple of magazines at my feet. Advertising is supposed to compete with all this? The ADD is everywhere. I’ve had dinner with 6 friends where we all kept looking at our phones constantly during the meal. It’s becoming […]

“One Free Insole” Is One Hell Of A Sampling Effort

According to The New York Times, Dr. Scholl’s for Her is planning to insert mate-less insoles into 2.7 million magazines and give out another 300K via the brand’s Facebook page. The thought is women who slip the insole into their sandals, slingbacks or shoes with straps cannot help comparing it to their left shoe as […]

Print Ad For A Print Machine

We don’t give enough attention to B2B advertising in these pages. I’ve always liked B2B because the challenges are often much harder. For instance, if you’re selling beer, the value proposition is well defined. But what if you’re selling a million dollar piece of farm equipment, or a Label/Writer Printer, as the case may be? […]

I Like This Policy From Specialized

I’m in my office, but it’s 70 degrees and sunny in Atlanta today. So seeing this in my in-box, from the makers of my bike, gives me a smile: It’s part of an e-mail that offers a free helmet when you buy a new bike. I like when brands reference topical events. But maybe that’s […]

An Editor Focuses On His Customers And Wins

We’ve published a ton of posts here about the need for marketers to realize they’re in the media business today. Here’s one about a media company realizing that they’re in marketing. John Yemma, Editor of The Christian Science Monitor, in a guest editorial on PaidContent says: What we’re learning is that the key to building […]

Real Life Is Analog

Dan Patterson, Digital Platform Manager for ABC News Radio in New York is taking a break, however short, from social media, a.k.a. the incessant need to manage his online presence. I think it’s important to note that the web only has the power we give it, and that we should use it in ways that […]

Here’s A Story For You

I read something on BFG Blog last week that disturbed me. Edward Boches, chief creative officer at Mullen, in an unwatchable interview from SXSW, says: We’re not in the business, necessarily, of telling stories anymore. We may be in the business of inspiring others to tell stories for us, soliciting their participation in the telling […]

Cannes Is For Closers

The New York Times and Adfreak are highlighting this self-promo campaign from Ogilvy One. Ogilvy execs apparently believe that salesmanship is a lost art. One they intend to find and revive. Rory Sutherland, vice chairman for the British operations of Ogilvy & Mather, said, “There’s an interesting case to be made that advertising has strayed […]