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Free Agent Multi-Nation

There’s a new agency in town. Correction. There’s a new agency in the cloud. image courtesy of Cloud Advertising Agents has no silos, no departments and no cubicles. But it has backing! Peter Coish, formerly of president of Draft/Toronto and Wunderman, is leading the venture, and The Hive is an equity partner. Cloud will […]

Private Space At Work? How 20th Century Can You Get?

The New York Times is running a piece on Grey’s new offices and what motivated the move to an open floor plan. Before, most everyone had an office; now there are three in the entire company. And the floor that houses the creative and production departments lacks even cubicle walls. Tor Myhren, the chief creative […]

What Clients Really Think

RSW/US, a Cincinnati-based consultancy that helps agencies hone their new business development efforts, asked marketing execs at 200 companies including Nestle, Pfizer, Kraft Foods, Colgate-Palmolive, Hilton and Harrah’s 23 questions about their agencies. Here’s one of the questions and several random answers pulled directly from the report. Q. If you had one piece of advice […]

Today In Twitterverse: Past Experience Belongs In A Bio

Todd Moritz of Substance says what needs to be said.

Center Stage With Portland’s Most Successful Communicator

PORTLAND–It’s only 5:30 but already Jimmy Mak’s, the Pearl District jazz club, is full of people eager to hear from the silver fox. Before Dan Wieden ever takes the stage, it’s a standing room only affair. So much for the idea that people don’t like advertising, or the men and women who dedicate their lives […]

Refresh Everything, Including Your Browser

Pepsi’s decision to avoid running Gatorade, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew spots during the Super Bowl and to instead concentrate on a social media campaign with charitable giving at its center, seems to be working wonders. Atlanta Constitution Journal reports: According to Nielsen Co., PepsiCo is getting more attention on the Web than any […]

SE Toyota Dealers Put The Brakes On Some TV Spots

I once had a client that knew her brand was going to be the subject of a negative TV news story on a local station she advertised on. Her first instinct was to buy even more spots to counterbalance the story. I’m not sure whether it would’ve helped or hurted, but I do remember my […]

Be A Man, Drive A Dodge Equipped With FLO TV

Did you notice the hen-pecked male theme last night? If not, take a second look.