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Yahoo Borrows Southwest’s “Bags Fly Free” Concept

NBC Bay Area reports that Yahoo–a company characterized as having some baggage–sent a crew to San Francisco and San Jose Airports on Dec. 23 to help people with their luggage by paying the airline’s new baggage fees for unsuspecting travelers. What does this have to do with search or with content? Nothing, but it is […]

Amazon Will Face eReader Competition From Apple and Others, But The Seattle-Based Company Has First Mover Advantage

Newsweek is running an interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos where he speaks openly about his company’s long-term approach to satisfying customer needs. Naturally, Amazon’s Kindle is at the center of the discussion. Here’s a look at of one question and answer from Newsweek: Q. Have you been surprised by the Kindle’s success? A. Astonished. […]

Where Are Your Passions Leading?

Cartoonist, author and blogger Hugh MacLeod is selling South African Wine in West Texas. Why? Because that’s what passionistas do. MacLeod also believes it’s a good idea to have an “evil plan.” Soo­ner or later you’re going to have to explain to your friends and family EXACTLY why you deci­ded to quit your sta­ble 401K […]

Undoing The “Creative Sensibility” Oxymoron

Ad Age enlisted Conor Brady, chief creative officer at Organic, to help explain the new playing field agency personnel find themselves on today. Brady says we’re entering “the age of creative sensibility” which he characterizes as “a dramatic shift from the ‘big agency’ practices of the past.” Specifically, Brady says creative directors today need to […]

Arnold Deploys Hyperlocal TV To Promote Newman’s Own Organic Coffee at McDonald’s

Chris Edwards, executive vice president and group creative director at Arnold Worldwide, said, “The whole idea behind the quiz is: ‘Are you New England enough for this coffee?’ If you are from New England, you will get these references.” [via Boston Globe]

People Are Not Stupid, So Why Are Brands?

Multi-disciplinary industrial designer, Brian Ling, has five wishes for 2010. One of them is “Brands realize that people are not stupid.” Businesses have always known this but somehow live in denial. They continue to deliver product propositions that don’t make sense. With the Internet allowing both wide and in depth access to information; brands and […]

“Dick Cheney-Loving Tea Bagger” Is Unusual Language for An Agency’s Holiday Greeting

[via Brew Creative]

Who Are You?

People have flaws, but sometimes flaws are beautiful. That’s the message Tara Hunt is putting out. We love people who represent the ideal, the perfect, the imperfectly perfect, the happy, the successful, the amazing, positive, go-for-it, wa-hoo in life. And I’m not saying those people don’t exist. They just don’t exist as much as we […]