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Google Newspaper Ads: Kind Of Like Dancing On Old Media’s Grave

According to, Google is taking out full-page newspaper ads in the UK to advertise Chrome, its new browser. The ad’s front page, continuing the theme of the video ad Google launched last week, describes Chrome as “A fast, new browser. Made for everyone”. Inside, the ad explains why Google made the browser and details […]

You Can Make Ads In Your Sleep – Radical Rebuilding of Our Organizations Is The Work That Needs Doing

Far better than a precise plan is a clear sense of direction and compelling beliefs.” – Dee Hock Dee Hock, founder and former CEO of Visa International, has some interesting ideas about chaos theory and organizational democracy. Here’s a passage from an old Fast Company article on Hock: Command-and-control organizations, Hock says, “were not only […]

Stop Searching The Intertubes For B-Roll – Here It Is

P.S. The First Democratic Pronunciation of A Brand

In July, we took note of Pepsi’s unusual willingness to accommodate Argentine soda drinkers. Now, Creative Social and Digital Buzz Blog point to this video case study. Pecsi Case from BBDO argentina on Vimeo.

Keep Uninformed Opinions Disguised As Rational Thinking Away From My Advertising

Tom Denari, President of Young & Laramore in Indianapolis has little use for focus groups. Isn’t it common knowledge that consumers are motivated more by emotion than reason? Isn’t that why brands exist? And, if we can agree that brands work on an emotional level, then why are we asking consumers to make rational judgments […]

Elf Yourself

Seasons greetings from Darby, Lucy and me. Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Martin’s MVP Honored By One Club

“Design is thinking made visual.” -Saul Bass Mike Hughes, of The Martin Agency, and the late Saul Bass, a graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker, will be inducted into the One Club’s “Creative Hall of Fame” at The Metropolitan Club in New York City on Thursday, March 4, 2010. Mary Warlick, Chief Executive Officer of […]

Whatever You Do, Crush It

ABC Radio’s Dan Patterson asked Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV some questions about Crush It, his first book in a ten-book deal. The radio interview provides a good overview on the book, which aims to provide a blueprint for others seeking Vaynerchuk-like success on the social Web. I read Crush It today in one sitting. It’s […]