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Talk Fast, Edit Faster

In looking at the ad above, Julian Cole remarks that it’s “the first ad that has been specifically made for Youtube. It uses a lot of the editing tricks that many of the top Youtubers employ.” I don’t know about the first claim, but Cole’s second point is dead on. But we can be much […]


[via CrackUnit and Poptimist]

Millennials Like To Get It Done

Women ages 20 to 30 represent a $54 billion marketing opportunity for packaged goods companies, according to Brandweek. But a study from Information Resources indicates that the shopping habits of this demographic vary significantly from previous generations. Compared to their elders, Millennials tend to use less coupons and circulars. They are also more likely to […]

Kraft Gets Crafty – “Owns” Colbert

Last month, when Bob Garfield said Miracle Whip’s new attitude was “Che Guevara in a Jar,” no one really noticed. But Stephen Colbert is another story. Colbert took Miracle Whip to task and even made a competitive commercial on behalf of real mayonnaise just to rub condiment in Miracle Whip’s eye. The Colbert Report Mon […]

A Dingy Old Roadhouse It’s Not

Here’s a story that illuminates how deep a brand goes. It’s not just the logo or other trappings, a brand is a promise. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Holiday Inn brand promise isn’t being kept by as many as 300 independent owners. InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is ready to strip the brand next […]

Guerilla Body Language Campaign Rejected By League

“The Captain” just got sacked by the National Football League. Last Sunday during the third quarter of the Cowboys v. Eagles game, Eagles tight end Brent Celek caught an 11-yard touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb. He then put his hands on his hips, and raised his right leg, mimicking a pose similar to the pirate […]

Reading Agencies By Their Cover Is Bad Form

Ad Age is running another article about digital agencies being ready to lead, but the article isn’t all that interesting. What is interesting is the first comment on the article. It’s from Josh Levine of Rebel Industries. Here’s a clip: One of my favorite quotes is from Anne Busquet, former CEO of IAC and American […]

Caribou Gets Real About Its Chocolate

The major coffeehouse chains use reconstituted chocolate syrup or processed powder to create their hot and cold chocolate beverages. Caribou Coffee is walking away from that falseness. Beginning today, Caribou Coffee customers will have their drinks made with either white, milk or dark Guittard chocolate. To showcase Caribou’s commitment to realness, the Minneapolis chain turned […]