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Move To Detroit For An Epic Adventure

In an effort to promote Detroit as a city open to creative young people, Doner draws a parallel to the efforts made by Ernest Shackleton, the Antarctic explorer, which is at once outrageous and on point. Doner’s campaign is in response to a challenge issued by Time Inc. Time asked Detroit agencies to craft a […]

Calling All Friends Of AdPulp In NYC

Hey all — I will be in New York later this week (Thursday and Friday) and would love to meet up if you’re around. Perhaps we could get a Happy Hour together on Thursday. I don’t have any particular place in mind, something laid-back would suit the AdPulp style. So yes, I am indeed crowdsourcing […]

Who Has The Digital Answer? He Does! No, She Does! No, I Do!

Ad Age asks, “Does the Industry Need Big Digital Agencies Anymore?” I don’t believe it’s a rhetorical question. Anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” Oh right, we’re not talking about changing the world here, we’re […]

Guest Post: Savannah Unleashes The “Geek”

Editor’s note: This article is by Sloane Kelley, a former colleague and current friend. She stepped in to my shoes when I left BFG Communications last year and is now the agency’s Content Director. She’s also a mover and shaker in Savannah (and beyond), as this guest post clearly indicates. SAVANNAH–Say the word “Savannah” and […]

A Media Company Built On Insider Information Sticks Its Neck Out

Bloomberg, which just plopped down $5 million in cash for BusinessWeek wants to be the world’s most influential news organization, according to The New York Times. It might seem like an odd ambition for a media company that has little exposure outside the financial services industry, but I’m not one to frown on someone’s dreams, […]

Foreign Vacations Are One Thing. Cultural Immersion Is Another.

AFAR is a new media company dedicated to “the experiential traveler.” I take note of it because experiential is a big deal in marketing services today, and it’s interesting to see how a media company runs with this particular ball. AFAR understands that simply seeing the sights is no longer enough. Experiential travelers want to […]

Introduce Your Audience to an “Epipheo” (Just Don’t Tell Them That’s What It Is)

The ability to make compelling video content for online audiences is essential if you, or a brand you are working for, wants to be effective online. There are lots of ways to go about it. One could employ ze frank’s non-patented moves, as Oral-B has done. Or one could opt for an “epipheo.” What’s an […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Good Food At A Great Price

Food carts are incredibly popular in Portland. And they’re becoming more popular everyday, in part because they offer an appealing product in lean economic times. According to Patrick Alan Coleman at Portland Mercury, in 2008 the Multnomah County Health Department gave annual mobile food unit licenses to 370 carts and trucks. Due to demand, 2009 […]